For the people of Palestine

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

You have called upon me
and I have heeded your cries,
your passion was unmistakable
words were not said
but it was a feeling you could not hide.

It is a silence that exists between us,
one that propels us to remind
ourselves and all who have
compassion in their hearts.

It seems the voices of dissenters were heard
and lives are being bettered,
a victory to be celebrated
yet my soul feels empty.

I wish there was some way
I could aid or assist,
lessen the misery and the hardships
that the persecuted people of the world face.


Poetry prompt response: soul

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

what is this ethereal substance
of supposed immortality,
perhaps it was conjured up
to explain the unimaginable,
to explain the end,
the end of creation.
not in the divine sense
but the literal absence of
thought, the inability
to craft
images in our minds,
ideas that could manifest
and perhaps be
turned to rhyme.
hence we formulate
another term
to rationalize
the unimaginable.
the soul,
this substance
that never dies,
where it goes
when we’re gone
nobody knows.
yet many believe in its existence
i may sound critical
but i am
among them too. …

Reflections written during the first lockdown

Photo by ALEXANDRE DINAUT on Unsplash

Cold weather braved,
distances covered to come this square of
a venue that calls upon the
of towns people from all around.

I do not know why I am here
as I sit alone on a lonely bench,
my gaze scanning a vast empty space
and my thoughts searching through history.

This place was once vibrant,
filled with commuters, tourists, and entertainers;
it is now mundane with nothing but
the odd passerby walking past a familiar route.

The usual indecipherable noise coming from all angles has been replaced with the audible rustling sound of leaves being carried away…


Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash

The sun smiled down upon us,
magnificent in its radiance,
the calmness of the winds
made the air feel serene.

Tranquillity was all around,
it was like the angels roamed the streets
as invincible guardians, that promised safety.

The long masquerade was at a pause
and faces were revealed,
smiles could be seen,
playful laughs and cheerful glees.

Although I must confess
these happy scenes
made me stress,
and I still wore my mask.

I was met with frowns
and distasteful smirks,
even a hissing sound
my ears had caught.

It was a day filled with promise, a poem with…

Prompt response

Photo by Francesca Noemi Marconi on Unsplash

An evil persists in the horn of Africa, countrymen are killing each other,
not tribal war but organized genocide ordered by the government.
Ethnic cleansing, a better term.

A Nobel peace prize was won not too long ago, followed up by a peace keeping mission in Sudan.
It was like a revolutionary figure was born, and great reform was coming.
Perhaps that was the case, a change did truly happen.
Only it involved, not the surrendering of arms, but pointing them at different people.

Today it seems like a truce was signed so a common foe could be fought, troops…

A poem

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Tell me, my friend, where have you gone?
I know I have not been around
but I have not abandoned you.

I was not gone for long
and I did promise that I would return,
I’m sorry I kept you waiting
but pressing matters needed attending.

Not that I do not value your company,
indeed, only you make me happy,
but there are things that must be done,
sometimes joy is a luxury we can’t afford.

In truth, I know how you feel, I have also been abandoned before, It is like your chest is cold and empty for you…


I write to understand myself and the world around me || Trying to be as human as I can be

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