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Poetry prompt response: love

Still yet to find someone
I have chased
And have been sought
Nothing of substance
That has felt true

At times
I have wondered
If finding love
Was not for me
Am I destined
To live alone
With no family
Or a place I can truly call home?

Perhaps a…

A poem

My beaming face is a mighty shield
That repels my tears and conceals my sorrows
For if a smile could hide the pain that festers deep inside
I’ll spread my lips far and wide
Even if it is just
To comfort you

Although we are
Oceans apart
Communicating through

A poem

I see sense in your rage
and perhaps I might just agree with you.
Nonetheless, your cause seems a bit
disingenuous to me,
like as if you have just happened across
a righteous reason
that falls inline
with your political goals.

Freedom is sacred
and it must be defended,
but when you…

A poem

You sit on a fence
in the middle of two
you call them both friends
and they consider you to be theirs too

Not too long ago
all three were interlocked
but it seems two are now at odds
and you’re stuck in-between.

I cannot ask you to shift from…

GiaB prompt #2–2: time

I hate that I must
but it has become paramount that I do,
so many options to choose from,
different colours and shapes too.

The clock is ticking away
do I even need this,
I ask myself?
No time for deep thought
as the sale will end soon.

I close…

Does creativity require a boring life?

Once I heard
that the creative mind is bored as well.
At first, I questioned this
but now I’ve realised
these words might be true.

For what is a poet
but one who stares
deep into the emptiness
or up at ceilings, bare.

Inspiration often comes at us unaware,
yet much…

A poem, a letter, an overdue tribute

I write these words for a person
whose fortitude knows no bounds
and whose love is endless.
If all hearts were shaped like yours,
what a peaceful place this world would be.

The pain you endured and the sacrifices you made,
never once did you falter or let us share your…


It is the early hours of the night
dark clouds have begun to form
the golden rays of the sun
have given way to the soft glow of moonlight
yet the moon is nowhere in sight
hidden by a sea of puffy skies

An oddity I remain
as I gaze…


I write to understand myself and the world around me || Trying to be as human as I can be

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