Self-isolation: day 8

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An image of what I was exists in my memory. The activities I could do before now seem so hard to me. Somedays I feel alright. I begin to think that I’m recovering. But this feeling has proven to be temporary, for the symptoms always creep back in. It’s the fatigue that keeps lingering, even in the absence of other symptoms. On the bright side, it could be worse, yet it is still debilitating. What I find most strange is that as you recover, you become weaker. The fatigue seemingly settling in.

It is strange to me; how you are…

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Poetry prompt response: cethramtu rannaigechta moire Irish poem

Self-isolation: day 6

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Adapting to changes in one’s life is never easy. Whether it be a temporary or permanent change, adjustment is always difficult. Sickness can be hard to bear when you can’t do the things that you are accustomed to. Seeking help is difficult for some, but when you’re sick, you have no choice. I am in a state where I do not feel very ill, yet I am probably infectious. Thus I have to stay at home. This is a change that I am also struggling to adapt to. Albeit the temporary nature of it. Sometimes we adapt well to change…

Self-isolation: day 5

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Sometimes I feel as if I am a wanderer, especially when I am alone. My mind drifts from place to place, and I can’t seem to maintain a train of thought. Perhaps some can relate. Particularly if you spend a lot of time pondering over seemingly irrelevant topics. It is as if a battle is taking place, where differing ideas attempt to assert their dominance. This only exists in a person’s mind. When one contemplates differing courses of action. We often sway from one train of thought to the next; before we firmly adopt a definitive plan.

For some of…

Self-isolation: day 4

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Sometimes I sit alone and gaze into the emptiness. What I search for is unknown to me, but I find this comforting. Perhaps it is the serenity of solitude, a clarity only known to the lonesome mind. Today I sit on my desk, drinking coffee I cannot taste. There is a darkness that hovers over me, or maybe I am the one emanating negativity. See, this morning I awoke to news of a tragedy. It was from my brother, who left me some messages.

It informed me that my grandmother had just passed away. A great sadness suddenly surged through…

Self-isolation: day 3

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I woke up feeling a lot better today, I am still not my usual self but I feel my strength returning. I’m trying to be cautious and not make any post-isolation plans. I don't think this is me being superstitious; I think it is more of a recognition of how uncertain the future is. I won’t go as far as saying I’m beginning to recognise my mortality. It’s not that I don’t believe in death or the random nature of death. I think it’s just part of the naivete that comes with being young and not living a dangerous life.

Self-isolation: day 2

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This is a continuation of the first part of this series.

Hours go by and my message has not been replied to. I swallow my pride, copy the text and move on to person number two on my list. I hit send then pause instantly as if hit by a sudden realization, maybe I should have worded the text differently. I go back to delete the message and construct a new one. Instantly I see 6 letters dancing on the screen, typing, it read. …


I write to understand myself and the world around me || Trying to be as human as I can be

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